Today we did our weekly presentation/talk with passengers.  It has been a great group & we truly enjoyed the conversations today.  Then, it was off to the boat!    The weather still looked threatening at times, but we pretty well successfully avoided storms.  The day began with bottlenose outside the harbor (again!), but they moved away from us pretty quickly.  After the snorkel stop, we encountered a different group & had by far, the most amazing in-water encounter with bottlenose to date.  We were able to get a good deal of still photos which will greatly help with the new photo-ID program.  We also recorded 30 minutes of video- basically unheard of for this species in this area.  It was intriguing- and great fun!    And not to be outdone, we also had some in-water time with the spotteds, including Buster (#04), Juliette (#12) & Leslie (#80).  To end the day, White Blotch (#29) & her two-year old calf rode the bow on our way in….A good, tiring day!    Until tomorrow,  Kel & Darcie