Today we enthusiastically attended a Meet & Greet and then headed out to the dolphin grounds!  The Bimini Undersea crew teased us mercilessly; “Do you remember how to swim?”  “You know we’re looking for dolphins, right?  Do you know what they look like?”  The steamy, windless day did not disappoint.  Nor did we… we still know how to swim & what dolphins are.    We were in sight of dolphins for most of the afternoon.  Our first group was White Blotch (#29) & her newly-turned-two year old calf.  The two were only mildly interested in the boat & not interested in swimming with us at all.  So, we just watched for a bit.  We came upon this pair again a short while later as well as Tina (#14), Leslie (#80) & the un-named #25.  After a successful swim, it was back to the dock for us.    And of course, since it Sunday & all, it was Entourage time.  We really do enjoy this weekly treat!    Until next time,  Kel & Darcie