Saturday trip

Thursday night Leslie, Kathleen & I had a nice dinner at Sarah’s (aka Sandbar, aka End of the World).  VERY tasty lobster & mushroom pizza.  Then it was up early on Friday to see Kathleen off at the ferry.  She is now near Nassau, New Providence, Bahamas with DCP researcher Kristy Beard.  They are returning to Dolphin Encounters (DE) to gather more data on the bottlenose dolphins there.  For those of you who may remember, Kathy DeStefano, Darcie & I were there for a brief, preliminary visit in 2004.  Go check out the DE field reports page!    Ok, back to Bimini.  Friday was mostly an off day for the students and I played catch up on video logs and other odds & ends.  Then today we had our final APU boat trip.  We saw dolphins at 17:02 and entered the water shortly after.  It was actually my first day with the MVA2 (Kathleen had been kindly in charge of that during the week) and I can actually see to the LCD screen of the camera while filming!  There is a pro and a con with this folks…Pro:  I know what I am filming, which should make for better footage.  Con:  I got so seasick!  Who knew that swimming around while staring at a video screen would do that!  I hope I get used to it quickly!      For those of you keeping track, here’s who we saw today:  Juliette (#12), un-named #81 & #25, Stefran (#82), Buster (#04), Nemo (#76), Lil’ Jess (#35) and Swoosh (#36).  None of the MVA2 video has been logged yet, so I’m hoping we’ll have even more to add to this list!    Hope everyone is having a good weekend.  Even in rainy New England!    Until next time,  Kel