Two trips for the price of one?

It was up bright & early for us today- which doesn’t happen very often in Bimini!  We had a trip with a group of walk-ins.  We left the dock shortly after 08:00 and had dolphins before 09:00.  It was a peculiar group- 2 spotted mother/calf pairs with 2 juvenile bottlenose.  We may have gotten a good shot or 2 of bottlenose dorsal fins- at least we hope so.  Once the passengers (and the MVA! 😉 got in the water, six more bottlenose came through & the 2 juveniles swam off with them.  It was a brief encounter, but an encounter nonetheless!  The seas were still rough, so we stayed fairly close to the island- but did not see anymore dolphins.    This afternoon’s trip was still rough, but it did begin to calm down by late in the day.  Despite the gradually calming seas, we didn’t see dolphins in the “dolphin grounds.”  We did see them just after sunset right outside the harbor!  White Blotch (#29) was with three calves & one juvenile spotted.  It was a great end to the day, even though we didn’t get in the water.    Until next time,  Kel & Darcie