Exploring North

A friend kindly took us out today to explore the northern reaches of Bimini.  We anchored offshore and waded into the mangroves.  It was low tide, something we hadn’t considered before heading out, so it meant very shallow water & poor visibility.  The trouble with the water around the mangroves is that the slightest kick stirs up a LOT of silt & you find yourself in the midst of cloud of goo.  Yes, goo is the official term!  We found one lone pufferfish & a very friendly schoolmaster snapper who took refuge around Kel!    Next it was a quick try at the “dolphin grounds,” but we didn’t see much.  Then we decided to head back and did so right into some nasty passing squalls.  Our captain decided to throw anchor and wait it out.  We were pretty sore from the rain pelting our bodies, but luckily it passed in a matter of minutes and we returned safely back to the dock.    It looks like the weather is going to be quite rough and dreary over the coming days.  Hopefully there will be a few rays of sunshine while John is here!    Until then,  Kel, Darcie & John