Video, video, video

So, we officially see spots when we close our eyes.  Even though we’ve had a break from busy boat weeks, we’ve keep busy with other things, including logging video.  For those of you who don’t know, while we are in the field, we spent our off-boat time identifying all of the dolphins in our video data.  This involves playing the video back on the TV and writing down which dolphin is in view at every given moment on film.  In theory, this is a fairly simple task.  In reality, it can become very time consuming as we pour over the digital photo-ID catalog and sketches trying to match spot patterns.  Today may have been a record for us, as we spent nearly 3 hours (yes, HOURS) going through 2.5 minutes (yes, MINUTES) of video.  But, we think we saw #19 & #31, two animals who have not been seen in several years.  Since they have developed so many new spots, it was very difficult to try to determine if they are in fact the same animals.    More video tomorrow and then John arrives!    Until then,  Kel & Darcie