Errands take so long!

Just a short note for today:  Because we had a boat trip on Sunday, Monday’s trip was cancelled.  Today (Tuesday) was spent running errands including an hour long trip to the bank.  You see, the bank has been closed for the last 4 days; Friday was Bahamian Labor Day, Saturday & Sunday it’s always closed and Monday was “Whit Monday.”  No one has been able to tell us what “Whit Monday” is exactly, but that longer-than-long long weekend meant everyone we’ve ever passed on the street was at the bank today.  But, it was a successful trip & we paid our rent for the month.  There were a few other errands thrown into the afternoon, but nothing as exciting as the bank 😉    Another Yankee vs. Red Sox game tonight!  Oh, how the rivalry keeps the house interesting!    Until next time,  Kel & Darcie