A great day

I don’t want to dwell on the fact that I can’t believe it is already halfway through September, but I’m sorry, I CAN”T BELIEVE IT IS HALFWAY THROUGH SEPTEMBER!  When did this happen?  And I don’t think anyone asked my permission….    Before today’s boat trip I had a brief add-on discussion with passengers.  Then it was off to snorkel at 3 Sister Rocks….I decided to take advantage since it will be awhile before my next opportunity.  Weird.  That’s all I can say.  There was a bizarre ground swell that made snorkeling somewhat challenging but even more weird.  I did my best to investigate holes & small fish, but more times than not wound up spinning around in circles.  It was quite a workout!    Later in the day we came upon a group of at least 8 bottlenose dolphins.  I added quite a few still photos to our collection, but the animals did not want us to observe them underwater.  After we left them we came upon a group of spotteds who clearly felt the same way.  Everyone seemed to be busy feeding today- perhaps because of all the energy they would have expended during yesterday’s rough seas.  Or maybe just because the fish happened to be passing through.  At any rate, we were pleased when at the 11th hour two mother calf pairs decided they would take a few minutes and check us out.    Back to the dock after sunset it was time for dinner & now bed.    Until next time,   Kel