Last presentation of the year

Today was rough.  And I am tired!  So, I think I’ll keep this field report short 😉    I headed over to the hotel property an hour & a half before boat departure for the usual DCP presentation.  It was a great Q & A session with passengers.  This week’s group may be small, but they are excited & engaged, which is so encouraging to be around.  Then it was out to sea & what seas they were.  Never unsafe, but at times uncomfortable, we saw dolphins at our northern-most range at 16:51.  They were uninterested in us, as they were taking advantage of Mother Nature’s surf, but as our passengers took a swim break, they came by for a quick hello!  I hopped in, but am sure I only got a minute (at best) of Tina (#14) & a calf.  We exited the water & spent the rest of the day observing from the boat.  The wind is supposed to lie down tomorrow, and we’re all hoping that is the case.    Until then,  Kel