Oh, Katrina

A tropical storm makes for a rainy day

 Today Tropical Storm Katrina has reared her ugly self. We spent the morning doing nearly final number crunching and then working on Tape 8. We took a break from working diligently when we were basically kidnapped by Bimini Undersea crew and taken to the Big Game Club for Darcie’s first “hurricane party.” We obviously do not take serious weather lightly, but it also gives everyone the opportunity to sit around and enjoy each other’s company. We also have a group of 4 wonderful divers, who have been extremely good sports about the fact that the boat will not be going out today, or in all likelihood, tomorrow.
    This afternoon it was back to Tape 8 before again being kidnapped (literally picked up and carried out of our apartment this time!) and taken to our next-door neighbor’s for the continuation of the party. Tomorrow, we again have lots of work to do, and this time, there will be no hurricane parties!
    We also obviously have everyone in Florida and beyond in our thoughts as Katrina continues to make her way west. Anyone in that area, please be safe and smart.

Until tomorrow,
Kel and Darcie