A great trip!

Good passengers and 2 hours of dolphins…

    Today was a nice day on the boat…the sea was exceptionally flat and we first spotted dolphins at 17:50. It was a large, scattered group of spotteds who stayed with the boat until nearly 20:00, when we needed to head back to the dock! The sun is setting at 20:00 now, so next week’s trips will probably depart at 16:00 so we can be back right at sunset.
    We were able to enter the water 3 times today, but dolphins were only in view the second and third times. Before looking at the footage, we know the following individuals were present: #04 (Buster) #10 (Romeo), #12 (Juliette), #14 (Tina), #25, #35 (Lil’ Jess), #36 (Swoosh) and #78. #56 (Lone Star) and #13 may have been there as well. It was a great day out and we are looking forward to next week’s full dolphin week! Stay tuned!

Until then,
Kel and Darcie