Good News and Not-So-Good News

But another great trip…

Darcie is here! An early morning start and delays in Florida because of Air Force One couldn’t stop her. And she arrived a few hours early- instead of getting in at 1600, Darcie arrived with plenty of time to unpack and head straight to the boat–no nap for her!
    The trip was another good one, even if all of our footage isn’t very useful for research projects. There was a large group (20+) of spotteds, of all age classes, to start the sighting. Once passengers and Kelly got into the water, we were able to swim with three animals- an as-of-yet unidentified class 2, a young class 3 (#14) and an older class 3 (#35). The C2 was the least interested, but #14 was, well, over-interested. Kel was basically dizzy, and got no free-diving practice, as #14 just did circle swims all around her at the surface. At one point, Kel basically had the MVA1 on her shoulder in an attempt to get something more than #14’s eye in the viewfinder!
    Kel also discovered multiple sea lice bites from yesterday’s trip, and even more when she got out of the water today. They itch, but they aren’t too bad. Another trip tomorrow and one more Wednesday….This weekend things will slow down in terms of boat time, so we’ll let you know how video logging goes!

Until next time,
Kel and Darcie