August Monday!

Public holiday doesn’t mean a day off for us…

 Today was “August Monday” a public holiday in the Bahamas, commemorating Emancipation Day. Thus, our errands to the phone company and bank couldn’t happen. But, that didn’t mean our dolphin trip wouldn’t!
    The boat trip began in its usual fashion, however with passengers who were just onboard for the day. We had a quick visit from a bottlenose at 18:36 and at 19:20. This may have been the same individual, but we are not sure. Since it showed little interest in us, we continued in search of spotteds and found a group of 5 at 19:46. This group included a young calf (< 6 months old) and wasn’t actually seen until the animals were literally at the bow. We were able to get a short encounter (< 3 minutes) with the animals, but none were IDed.
    Wednesday’s boat trip has been moved until Thursday, so we’ll spend the next two days doing errands and data and maybe even go diving!

Until next time,
Kel and Darcie