Rough seas won

Today was still a bit rough thanks to Dennis

Today Kel’s family made it in safely along with our weekly passengers who are eager to head out on the boat. But, with winds still a bit strong, our departure from the dock was a bit tentative. We began with a snorkel stop at Rainbow Reef, a 20-25 foot site. In an area that often has visibility up to 100 feet, we could not even see the bottom! Everyone played around anyway, getting used to the water and their snorkel gear and getting glimpses of a few schools of fish.
    We thought that this would be the end of our boat trip, but things seemed okay and our passengers were willing to tough it out–so out to the dolphin grounds we went! At 17:00 we came upon a group of at least 4 animals- 2 spotted dolphins and 2 bottlenose dolphins. We were close to another dolphin boat, but the dolphins weren’t interested in either of us. So, after about ten minutes, we continued our course out to the dolphin grounds.
    We saw dolphins again at 18:06, which was a good moral boast, as some passengers were beginning to look a little green in the less-than-comfortable seas. This was a group of 6 bottlenose, who, in typical fashion, were uninterested in the boat. After about 25 minutes with this group, we left them, which turned out to be a good decision as we found spotted dolphins at 19:38. A group of 4 dolphins was joined by two small calves and we were able to enter the water for a short time. Even here, visibility was not great, but it was still a nice way to start off the week. Hopefully things will be better as the week continues.

Until later,
Kel and Darcie