Rough Seas Return

But we head out to the dolphin grounds anyway…

   Today we headed out to the dolphin grounds hoping the seas would calm down. Unfortunately the east wind continued strong, and once out of the protection of the island, the seas were a bit uncomfortable. But, we held strong and were able to observe a group of approximately 10 spotteds, including #1, #17 (Lumpy) and we think #15 (Freckles). 6 of the animals, including those three, didn’t stick around long. We were left two probable mother/calf pairs, who remained quite interested in the boat for over an hour. So, even though we were unable to enter the water (seas were too rough to get passengers on and off the boat safely), we were able to observe from the boat. Spot patterns are pretty difficult to see in the midst of swells and white caps, so we were unable to identify the mothers.
    We’ll see if this east wind quiets down before tomorrow’s trip.

Until then,
Kel and Darcie