Safe and Sound

    Hurricane Frances was the SLOWEST storm either us have ever been through. We began to feel its effects on Friday and it wasn’t gone until Sunday. We lost our phone first, early in the afternoon on Friday. During the night, we lost electricity and running water. Running water was restored after about 30 hours, electricity after 36 and the phone after about 6 days. Hence, such a delayed field report!
    The storm was interesting and we were sure to stick our heads out from our cave (safely of course) to catch some of her fury on film. The waves were quite impressive considering how calm the seas normally are here. The wind was howling and took quite a large patch of shingles from our roof. From inside, it sounded like the island goats were running around up there! We are of course grateful that the island did not suffer grave damage and although income was lost due to lack our tourists, no one is really worse for wear.
    The data downfall to all of this is that five trips were cancelled. It has been quite awhile since we’ve been on the boat, so we were very anxious to get out to dolphin grounds. We are hoping to get out there next week, when a dolphin week is scheduled.
    Another update is that our frequent calls to Mystic Aquarium have come to an end. Labor Day weekend was meant to have been the last time we would be calling in, but Frances put a damper on those plans.

Until next time,