Rain, rain go away!

  As soon as August arrives, we spend quite a bit of time watching local weather and the radar screen. This week the weather has at least been consistent in the fact that storms seem to roll in between 7 and 8:00 p.m. We now find ourselves missing our lovely July weather!
    Yesterday’s morning trip went off without a hitch, however no dolphins were seen. We have only a few morning trips each season, so it is hard determine why we didn’t see dolphins. We can only speculate.
    The afternoon trip was great though. We got a quick “swim-by” from three bottlenose dolphins, which served as a nice pick-me-up while waiting for the spotteds. And sure enough, three hours into the trip, at 5:25 p.m., we saw a small group of spotted dolphins. (#69, #22, #4). Once we got into the water with these three, 2 more joined (including #76), followed by about 6 more (incl. #48, #77, #14)! We spent a total of 41 minutes in the water that day. It was Justin’s longest time in the water with the MVA1 and we’re sure he did a great job!
    Today wasn’t quite as great as we waited on the dock for almost two hours before deciding to cancel the trip. The weather just made things too risky. Friday and Saturday we’ll be resuming the phone link with Mystic and catching up on some other things. Then Sunday begins the next dolphin week!

Until then,
K, K and J