Good talk, Bad weather

    Monday’s talk went very well! We are continually impressed with the interest and questions weekly passengers offer us. This week, we added a short, self-navigable PowerPoint presentation to show passengers some of our more easily identifiable dolphins. This allows them to help us ID animals out at sea. Unfortunately, bad weather followed yesterday’s talk and our afternoon trip was cancelled.
    But, have no fear! Today’s trip brought lots of smiles and gave us about 30 minutes of video. We came upon a very large group of spotted dolphins (~22) who appeared to be mating. This is always an interesting thing to see. Later, the group allowed us to enter the water with them and many, although not all 22, stayed with us. Without having watched the video yet, we know we saw Cleopatra (#41), Split Jaw (#22), #4, #25, #15, #11, #35, #79 and possibly #1. In addition to MVA1 footage, we were able to get some nice still images which have already been added to the catalog.
    Hope the weather gets nicer for tomorrow! We are hoping for both morning and afternoon trips….

Until then.
Kathy, Kelly and Justin