Flat seas and late dolphins

As we headed out into the dolphin grounds on Wednesday you could see clear down to the sea floor. The surface was crystal clear, no wind to make ripples. Perfect weather for sighting dolphins! But they weren't in their usual places. We made the normal run up north, then to the east, and back down south but we couldn't find them! As a last resort we headed west and there they were, just milling about. There was a spread out group of about 20 or so, a few young animals and some old friends like swoosh and #25 who has a nice distinctive chunk out of the top of his dorsal fin.

We also got a good look at the new calf (#77) we'd seen last week with the fresh injury. He's looking really good! The injury is healing well and he's just as precocious as ever! It was good to check up on him.

Until next time!
K, K, & D