Patron Adopt-A-Dolphin

DCP’s Patron Adopt-A-Wild-Dolphin program allows you the opportunity to adopt a dolphin from our Bimini, The Bahamas field site and have an even greater impact on DCP’s mission. The extra money raised from these kits will be funneled straight into DCP’s research and education programs. As a thank you for purchasing a Patron kit, we have streamlined the design of these kits to make it that much easier to access our adoption content including our video/audio files (available on USB for those purchasing a print version of the kit). Choose from Tina, Prince William, Vee, and Paul.

Patron Adoption kits cost $135 for the electronic version, and $169 for the hardcopy version. 

Patron E-Kit includes: Link to Welcome Letter, Patron Adoption Certificate, Biography with Photos of Your Adopted Dolphin, DCP Info Booklet, DCP’s 20th Anniversary Short Film, 2 Adoption Videos, Your Dolphin’s Whistle mp3, Adopt-A-Wild-Dolphin Photobook

Patron Print Kit includes: Welcome Letter, Patron Adoption Certificate, Biography & Photo of Your Adopted Dolphin, Trading Card of Your Adopted Dolphin, DCP Info Booklet, DCP USB Flash Drive with DCP’s 20th Anniversary Short Film, 2 Adoption Videos, Your Dolphin’s Whistle mp3, Adopt-A-Wild-Dolphin Photobook. Hardcopy adoption kits include free U.S. shipping (allow 2-3 weeks to receive your kit); expedited US shipping and international shipping may be available for an additional fee. 

Our online payment system accepts all major credit cards. Please email DCP at info {at} dcpmail {dot} org if you would like to pay by check or money order.

Note: Each year, DCP Adopt-A-Wild-Dolphin print and electronic kits have been updated with new video for streaming that feature the Bimini dolphins. Due to our interrupted Bimini 2021 field season, we are unable to create this year’s adoption video. We hope you’ll still consider supporting DCP via our Adopt-A-Wild-Dolphin program; kits continue to include great dolphin info, photos, past videos, and more. And, as a special thank you, all Adopt-A-Wild-Dolphin print kits starting now and throughout 2022 will come with 3 DCP stickers, free!

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Top five reasons to adopt a dolphin from DCP

  • Receive unique underwater video footage and images of your adopted dolphin
  • Download an actual recording of one of the Bimini dolphin’s vocalizations
  • Money from the sale of DCP’s adoption kits will directly fund research and education efforts that benefit your adopted dolphin
  • Choose from over 20 wild dolphins from the Bimini pod each with their own unique characteristics, life histories and personality traits
  • The perfect gift (for yourself or someone else) looking for a fun but meaningful way to improve the lives of dolphin species and the environment

Adopting a wild dolphin with DCP helps to fund:

  • The purchase of new research equipment(e.g., cameras, underwater microphones)
  • Conservation and education programs on the US and around the world
  • Publication and dissemination of DCP’s research results to the scientific community and the general public
  • Maintenance of the DCP website, and our podcast The Dolphin Pod
  • Classroom education programs for school-aged children including DCP Youth Program, Dolphin Research Trainee, Classroom Connections
  • Volunteer, ecotour, and internship opportunities for the public

Want to visit your adopted dolphin?

Why not join DCP on one of our Bimini ecotours where you’ll get a chance to meet your adopted dolphin face-to-face in the wild!