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Trudy was named by named by Sharon Malhotra in honor of her late sister, Trudy Lynn Kuehn. Sharon and her sister Cindy hope this is a good name for #057, "a being thrilled with life, joyfully sliding through the waters" of Bimini.

Friend Trudy on Facebook (she has her very own page) and get the latest sighting updates. DCP researchers will keep you up to date on Trudy's antics, and you can interact with other Trudy fans and adoptive parents.


Trudy (ID#057): We bet you can guess why #57 had been affectionately called '“Hook'” before being given the name "Trudy" in 2008. This adult female’'s dorsal fin has quite a unique tip! Seen almost every year since 2001, Trudy approached DCP researchers quite frequently during the 2006 and 2008 seasons. She seems to enjoy checking out the humans, although she is usually quite calm. During 2006, she wasn'’t shy about showing off her calf, DCP ID #84. The pair were seen with several other dolphins, including Finn (#09), Juliette (#12) and Lil’ Jess (#35). We were thrilled to see her in 2008 with a new calf - perhaps she was introducing the calf to us!

Adopt Trudy for just $30 for a full year.Enter the name you would like to appear on your personalized adoption certificate below and click on 'add to cart' to get started. Our online payment system accepts all major credit cards, and we ship adoption kits worldwide. Please contact DCP if you would like to pay by check or money order.

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Top five reasons to adopt a dolphin from DCP:

  • Receive unique underwater video footage and images of your adopted dolphin
  • Download an actual recording of one of the Bimini dolphin's vocalizations
  • Money from the sale of DCP's adoption kits will directly fund research and education efforts that benefit your adopted dolphin
  • Choose from over 20 wild dolphins from the Bimini pod each with their own unique characteristics, life histories and personality traits
  • The perfect gift (for yourself or someone else) looking for a fun but meaningful way to improve the lives of dolphin species and the environment
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What's in your Adoption Kit?

  • An official adoption certificate
  • Photograph of your adopted dolphin
  • Details on how to download dolphin vocalizations from the Bimini adopt-a-dolphins as a ringtone or audio file
  • DVD containing video of the Bimini dolphins
  • Biography of your adopted dolphin
  • Welcome letter and registration info
  • Information Booklet with Atlantic spotted dolphin fact sheet and info about the Dolphin Communication Project
  • Dolphin trading card sample
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Adopting a wild dolphin with DCP helps to fund:

  • Conservation and education programs on Bimini, the US and around the world
  • Publication and dissemination of DCP's research results to the scientific community and the general public

Where does Trudy live?

Trudy spends the majority of her time in the clear blue waters of the Bahamas, near Bimini Island. Learn more about our Bimini research site here.

Want to Visit Trudy?

Why not join DCP on one of our Bimini ecotours where you'll get a chance to meet Trudy face-to-face in the wild!

Follow DCP on Twitter where we'll post field reports with sightings of your adopted dolphin and DCP news.

You can buy one of our many t-shirts for sale featuring Trudy's likeness from our CafePress store.


When was Trudy last seen?

DCP research associates spot Trudy regularly during our annual summer research field seasons. Here is a link to a list of Field Reports where our researchers mention sightings of Trudy.

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