Our morning was a good one, but it was sad to be leaving ... our week seems to have just flown by! Our flight left Roatan about an hour late, but we still had plenty of time in Atlanta to clear customs and immigration, and then to get food and board our last flight.


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We had our last early morning data collection session this morning. The dolphins were all over the place - rolling and rubbing over each other. The underwater visibility was very good and I was able to hang back to watch them and capture all the details on tape. The DRTs all had a great swim and encounter with the dolphins. The dolphins were quite playful and swam circles around a few individuals.


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The DRTs might become early risers before the end of the week … We had another early morning data collection session and then prepped to travel to Osgood Cay for a day of snorkeling, picnicking and watching Garifuna Dancers.


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Our day began at 6:00 am – the wake up call to our DRT team. Morning people they are not, but they are troupers. By time we arrived to Bailey’s Cay, the eyes were open. The underwater visibility was not as good as yesterday but we still captured much behavior.


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Today was a FULL day with our first dolphin encounter/swim, an afternoon of swimming and then a night snorkel to see the critters that come out after dark. Everyone had a good time, even though it was not all what was expected. Our DRTs describe both activities in their own words …


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Our day began early with a data collection session at 6:30 AM. The DRTs were mostly awake on our taxi boat trek to Bailey’s Key … but were soon wide-awake when we were greeted by Gracie, Cedeña, Ritchie and Hector. The other dolphins were in to their own stuff in the center of the pool.


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Snorkeling, too! Our day was FULL. Today was our “late” day with breakfast at 7 am so that we could get our snorkel gear and head over the Bailey’s key for the research orientation, first data collection session, snorkel checkout and training … followed by lunch. The afternoon was on a boat and in the water and on a boat and in the water. Read more: Sunday
We arrived about 20 minutes early to Roatan from Atlanta. The captain actually circled the island so we all got an aerial introduction to the island. It looked great and very welcoming.
Our trek through immigration and customs went smoothly and then we had a short bus ride to Anthony’s Key Resort.
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It is only 8 pm tonight and all the gear is packed. Hurray. It was a long day but all supplies are in hand and packed. Of course, it was impossible to find tape cassettes, so we stick with the MAudio for surface acoustic recording ... Read more: Travel Day is finally here!

On Saturday morning, in the very early wee hours of the morning (4 am to be exact), we will depart Hartford for Roatan. I say we, because I will be joined by nine DRTs. The DRTs are the DCP Dolphin Research Trainees: junior high school students from Pine Point School in Stonington, Connecticut, who spent the spring semester learning about DCP's research program on Roatan and also about the culture, habitat and coastal ecology of Roatan. (Remember that the 2007 DRT team went to Mikura with me last year).

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