Our current was so strong, I did only 30 minutes after testing Gracie and MOSART. Read more: MOSART Sings Again
Ronnie was a trooper! He slipped the pec pac once, but then wore it after the planned 20 minutes. Read more: More MOSART for Ronnie
I always wanted to use that phrase. Read more: Monday Monday
The dolphins were very social this AM and more relaxed in the early afternoon. Read more: Sunday
  This thunderstorm was more severe – and had all guests talking in the AM at breakfast.
Read more: The week ends the way it began
Much surface social activity… Read more: Another Early Session
The visibility was silty and less than 2 meters – the proverbial “sea soup” Read more: Late Afternoon Data Collection
Gracie does NOT like the pec pac with the MOSART. Read more: Gracie
Albeit brief, today we recorded the first session with MOSART and MVA together thus gaining a wider window into dolphin communication. Read more: MOSART and MVA Unite!
I was wet by 6:30am with my team in place for our 1st morning of observations. Read more: The Waves, Sun and a Rooster

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