It was hard to believe that my departure was so soon after witnessing the arrival of both calves. We had a great season on all fronts. Read more: Traveling Home
My gosh! Could it get any better? Two calves in two days – and so far they both seem healthy and are doing well by their moms’ sides. Read more: GRACIE DELIVERS HER CALF, TOO!
  All seemed normal as I entered for the 7 am session – but 13 minutes later, Carmella swam by with her new calf!! What a morning!
Read more: A NEW CALF!!
  A few free hours in the afternoon for everyone to snorkel and enjoy some of the reef and local flavor.
Read more: Absolutely Icky Underwater Visibility!
We had a split data collection session today: half hour in the morning and a half hour in the afternoon. Read more: Team #2
... followed by an afternoon of data collection, practicing with the surface recorder and hydrophone, and a late afternoon snorkel. Read more: Team #2 Learns the Ropes
We had a successful week with a good amount of data collected. Read more: Team # 1 Departs
The underwater visibility was 'icky' (a technical term implying less than 7m vis. & silty) Read more: Team #1's last full day for research
We had a morning observation session right after our team's second dolphin encounter and swim Read more: Another beautiful day
Be careful for what you wish...the dolphins ignored me for the most part today. Read more: good conditions and dolphins

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