Our first morning without rain, but lots of wind. The dolphins were early risers too! Read more: Early Morning Observations
Our Team of volunteers were on station and the overnight downpour left underwater visibility relatively clean. Read more: A Very Vocal Underwater Session
Half of Team #2 are SCUBA divers and today they dove with Paya & Esteban in ~50 feet of water. Read more: Team #2's Introduction to the Research
We planned to observe the dolphins, but Mother Nature had other ideas. Read more: Rain, rain, and... more rain
A night of rain dropped visibility significantly. So we chatted with the trainers about our trainer/dolphin contact observations. Read more: More analysis and discussion
We had stationary dolphins with echolocation and head scanning. Our stars today were: Bill, Tela, Maury, Gracie, Rita, Ronnie & Cedena. Read more: Final ECD testing
The ground and plants were dry. The gentle, steady rain welcome. Read more: It's RAINING!
  It was odd actually wanting dolphins to swim at the MVA3 while echolocating. But, we did it.
Read more: Echolocation Directivity Testing
No underwater observation today. Some review, some reading. Read more: A day of rest

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