From video data already logged for dolphin ID’s, we confirmed 121 individual dolphins to be identified and observed. This does not include calves and new infants. Read more: Mikura 2004 Field Summary
The ferry landed in the afternoon but it rocked at the dock and the wind and current almost pushed it into a circle at the dock! Read more: Departure from Mikura Island
Today was Hot, Muggy and Windy - not the best for packing and working inside a house with little ventilation, but all tasks completed. Read more: Packing, Packing, Packing
The day was hot and muggy and I spent a bit of time watching as the construction crew readied the pier for an addition. Read more: In Port Day
Today was amazing with good underwater visibility, relatively calm seas and lots of dolphins. Read more: Another boat trip on calmer seas.
A boat trip in the afternoon allowed me to watch the wind increase dramatically while on the sea. Read more: A thunderstorm began the morning...

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