I am including some details of our field season at Mikura Island studing the bottlenose dolphins and their use of sounds and behaviors to communicate. Our season was VERY successful. Read more: DCP 2002 Field Season at Mikura Island, Japan
The dolphin festival was canceled till next week. I won't be here but I know everyone will have fun. They'll clean up the beach and then go dolphin watching. Read more: Rain cancels Iruka Festival.
... curry lunch. The children had helped fix the rice and vegetables for our lunch. It was fun to share it with them. Read more: The kindergarten.
... as Kogi & Hasegawa gather data with the theodolite from above the new pier. Read more: Last Day for Field Work
Thus, completing the confirmation of dolphin ID's from videotapes was the order of today. And, I finished the ID's from video data gathered this summer. Hurray. Read more: You guessed it... rain.
A bit of rain today, but mostly clouds. The sea is flat, but the guests are not plentiful. Thus, no boat trip. Read more: The rainy season is definitely here!
The sea was not welcoming so data analyses were the plan for today. And, a half day to just relax and step back from the research. Read more: Rain and wind.
Several groups of dolphins all around Mikura Island. Mai-chan and I were on Nobuo's boat with 5 guests. We confirmed ID on at least 35 individual dolphins. Read more: More video, more dolphin smiles.
We went out this morning on Nobuo-san's boat. We had 8 group sightings, two might have been the same group ... hard to tell with the sea conditions. And, five entries totaling about 20 minutes. Read more: Rainy, Overcast Day

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