The field work for this summer is completed for Japan and the Mikura dolphins; however, the work will always be ongoing. Read more: Japan Wrap-up
... and getting my message across. Read more: Last Day
  ... with today (Sunday) being a day of relaxation and rest.
Read more: Last Day in Tokyo
  ... and getting accustomed to the bright lights and flow of a large city after Miyake and Mikura.
Read more: Tokyo
... it is 'Umi no Hi' which translates to Marine Day. Japan is th eonly country that I know of to have a holiday to celebrate the ocean. Read more: Travel to Tokyo
Many animals are inquisitive by nature. Understanding the specific behaviors that signal curiosity is not always easy ... but with dolphins some hints come readily. Read more: Inquisitive Behavior
  This is a preliminary summary of my effort expended this summer observing dolphins around Mikura Island.
Read more: A Summary of Effort
  My research gear has been sent to Mie University.
Read more: On Miyake - Oyama & Views
My departure from Mikura Island was accompanied by a stiff, gusting breeze (~15-20 kn) and choppy seas. Read more: To Miyake Island
I leave Mikura Island tomorrow for Miyake and then Tokyo and Mie. While data collection is completed for this summer, my responsibilities in Japan are not over yet. Read more: Packing and Preparations
I was out on the water twice today. Saw about 35-45 dolphins total ... the same groups in the morning as in the afternoon. Read more: Another new calf!

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