Though our very last trip was cancelled due to a surprise storm, our last two times out on the water were pretty fantastic.
Read more: Last two trips!
After searching for what seemed like forever, we finally saw some older dolphins, but were only able to get in the water with them once the younger ones came around. Read more: Where'd they go?
Greeted outside the harbor by a flying ray using the rather large waves as a spring board. We headed out into dolphingrounds bracing ourselves for the rocky trip ahead. Read more: High seas and stormy weather.
Saw bottlenose right off the bat but did not attempt entry. Then interacted with some calves and cranky juvies. Read more: Getting a little feisty
Had some very cool encounters with some old friends on the edge of the Stream, and made some attempts with bottlenose encounters before actually finding our spotted friends who are willing to put up with our antics. Read more: Close encounter with the Guld Stream, and bottlenose galore!
Started off the day with a sighting right away of ten bottlenose traveling and not paying us much attention, but not long after we came upon a group that was more than interested. Read more: Interspecies mingling...
Had some friends in from back home who were dying to come swimming with us and our little friends. They were quite impressed. Read more: A full day of dolphins
Spent numerous hours pouring over video and photo IDs, and had a bit of a round-table discussion with passengers as well. Read more: Data, data, data...
Having to compete with other dolphin boats to get our video data was quite a chore today. Read more: So many boats, so few dolphins.
Passengers got a chance to swim with the hungry bottlenose and witnessed what one might call dolphin babysitting. Read more: Bottlenose and Babysitting
Encountered some new animals for the season and some other individuals in some new and interesting places. Read more: New IDs and new theories

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