This was the last day in Nassau this month for all of us. John and I went to DE for a couple more sessions of data while the group had time to check out the straw market and downtown. Read more: Our last full Day in Nassau
Ranaldo led our group in a coral reef program which was followed by an introduction to the sea lions and then a dolphin swim ... our times were a bit off ... Read more: Our Second Full Day at DE as a whole group
While Kathleen observed the dolphins and collected data, the BGCA team was introduced to life underwater in the Bahamas - via snorkeling. Read more: Snorkeling and more snorkeling
Everyone had a good time today and the day’s events were shared at dinner at the Hard Rock Café in Nassau to tunes of good music. Read more: A Split Program
We spent the entire day at DE (8:30 ferry out, 4:30 ferry back) and got to meet the dolphins, learn about DCP’s research and the DE program, participate in a tidal class and learn about marine science careers. Read more: Our Dolphin Encounter began the Day at DE
Departure from home at 5:30 am is followed by a LOOOONNNNNGGGGGG drive to JFK from Mystic. Read more: Travel is disrupted by Mother Nature!
We depart very early for JFK to meet a group representing 5 Boys & Girls Clubs across the USA. They’ll join us at DE for research. Read more: Packing Day Is Upon Us!
We rode the staff ferry to Dolphin Encounters and rinsed gear with fresh water so that it would dry in the breeze. Then, we walked the island ... and ... Read more: Being a Sea Lion guinea pig - sort of!
The MVA and MOSART were used together again with Nina and her calf ... with 20 min of data! The ELVIS had two sessions and even more data. Read more: Our last Day of Data Collection
Data collection as usual today ... the wind picked up again a bit in the afternoon but the sun was out and the water warmer. Read more: Three sessions for data collection!
John & Kristy collected data on this very windy day and arrived to our lodging about 1.5 hrs after Kathleen arrived. Read more: The second phase of our research team arrives

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