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The Dolphin Communication Project is proud to offer Dolphin Trading Cards for sale exclusively through the DCP website. These professional quality trading cards feature images and facts about each of the wild dolphins available for adoption through our Adopt-A-Wild-Dolphin program, as well as DCP researchers and 'fun fact' cards (31 cards in total). You can order a 5-pack of randomly chosen cards, or order individual cards.

By purchasing Dolphin Trading Cards, you will be helping to contribute to our research, education and conservation efforts that will directly benefit the Bimini dolphins. We accept all major credit cards (phew!).



Card Facts:


Single Dolphin Trading Card
($1.40 each - free shipping)

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5-pack of randomly selected Dolphin Trading Cards
($5.00 - plus shipping)


All Dolphin Trading Cards
($35.00 - free shipping)


Funds collected through the sale of Dolphin Trading Cards help fund DCP's research, education and conservation efforts.

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